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Only $8 Per Day when parking for
8 days or more at Newark Airport

Our special rate of $8 per day applies when you stay for 8 days or more at our Newark Airpark facility. We are located just outside of Newark Airport and can get you to your departure terminal in 5 minutes. There is never any waiting at our facility which is why we are the only 5 star rated airport at Newark.

Our lot is the most secure lot at NEWARK. We are manned 24 hours and we have state of the art digital cameras in the lot. Lot is surounded by 10' high galvanized steel fencing.

With Air Park Parking, you can park your car near Newark airport simply, inexpensively and quickly. We offer free 24 hour Valet service to and from your departure gate. Our customers enjoy less stress and hassle when traveling - so should you. Take comfort in our safe and secure parking just minutes from the airport.

Free Online Reservations

We own and operate the parking facility at Newark and we have an online reservation system that is free of any service charge. It's fast and easy to use and requires no credit card. We gaurantee all reservations made through our system.

newark checkmark Guaranteed Airport Parking Space
newarkcheckmark Easy reservation system - no credit card required
newark checkmark We are open 24 hours/7 days a week. We never close.
newark checkmark Complimentary Valet Service to and from airport
newark checkmark Only 5 star rated parking lot at Newark